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Data Protection

Data protection is very important. Therefore, the use of this website is possible without offering person-related information.

This site is programmed, organized and maintained by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Anders for the purpose of teaching at Cologne Business School, and for coaching or for helping people or organizations to generate project status reports. As such this site has no intention to gather and process any person-related data.

However, this site uses third party tracking tools, i.e. Google Analytics to improve this site’s performance and features. These third party tracking tools are designed to collect only non-personal information about your use of this Website. However, you understand that such tools are created and managed by parties outside the control of this website. As such, the owner of this app and website is not responsible for what information is actually captured by such third parties or how such third parties use and protect that information. However, in order to protect you to some degree your IP it is anonymized.

Furthermore, this site does not offer newsletters or contact forms and the owner of this site does not store any person-related information in connection to this site.

All data, that you input into the webapp stay on your personal PC only. For the purpose of your project management data this webapp has no connection with a central database and therefore cannot and does not store such data.

Hosting and internet provider

However, like all other websites this site is hosted by an internet provider. In the case of this site the internet provider is render at render is using common internet technologies, such as cookies and web server logs for monitoring access to this website.

Most internet providers are generating log files that usually contain the visitor’s browser type, language preference, referring site, additional websites requested, the date and time of each visitor request and potentially personally-identifying information like Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

The reason for doing so is to better understand how visitors use the website, and to monitor and protect the security of the website.

Please read more about render’s privacy statement in order to find out about their approach to protecting data.

Do not track

In general, you can prevent the analysis of user behavior by blocking the use of cookies in your browser, for example by make an exception in the browser (such as Firefox browser). Please look in the program help for how this can be set up in your browser.

Of course, you can also on occasion, in individual cases or periodically delete cookies in your browser to clear tracking information. If you have activated the so-called Do-Not-Track function (“DNT”) in your browser, then your visit to websites will not automatically be recorded by web analysis tools. However, this does not work with every browser. To enable DNT in your browser, please check your browser’s help function if you do not know how to activate it.

Changes to this privacy policy may occur. The current version of the privacy policy is available at

Your own data collection

This site offers forms that help you to collect contact information about people. Please, ensure that you are only collecting information, to which people have given their consent. Be further aware, that these information will also be in the parameter files, that you can download and share. As you are the sole owner and collector of these information, please, be aware that you will fall under the data protection laws yourself.


All inquires concerning the data protection for this website can be addressed to:

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Anders
Cologne Business School
Hardefuststr. 1
D-50677 Köln

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