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"Project Management without status reports is like an aeroplane without instruments. You would basically fly blind." ★★★★★

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Never again lose management oversight over your important projects.

Useful for agile and classical (waterfall) project management methodologies.

Based on Relevant Experience, the Latest Knowledge and Organizational Research

Based on the »Essence of Project Management«.

Respecting the 10 Commandments of Project Control.

Implementing the Golden Rule of project management: always focus on output.

Allowing for immutability, backward review and graphical analysis.

High Degree of Innovation

Status travel for regular status dates and the project development.

Vertical aggregation for linking executive with operational perspectives.

Better milestone planning with pinning deadlines of critical dates.

Forecasting and early collection of information on issues and to be missed deadlines.

Achieving Extra Transparency

Overview of all relevant ratios for review or for multi project management.

Managing all people involved on one page as a basis for team building, transparency and communication.

Automatic coloring of traffic lights for supporting controllers and avoiding green washing.

Interlinked algorithmic trees for horizontal planning and vertical aggregations and restrictions.

Further Relevant Topics

All the security for your critical projects because your data stay local on your hard drive.

Download and upload your project plan for collaboration and exchange.

Beating spreadsheets in comfort with convenient handling, automations and reliability.

Business School evaluated by researching and testing organizational content academically.

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